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About the Foundation

What We Do

Each year, we raise funds through the Ryan Barrett Memorial Golf Tournament to support a local youth who is interested in pursuing higher education and/or trade-training. Our goal is to help the next generation to climb high and reach their goals after high school. Inspired by Ryan’s contagious smile and willingness to help others, we want to continue his legacy through the next generation and our community.

Why golf? Ryan loved the sport, set goals for himself, practiced hard, and was challenged and grew from it. It was a large part of his life, and something that helped teach him the value of hard work in pursuing something you love.

We welcome players for all over the Eastern US to come, enjoy the sport, the community, and be a part of helping others obtain their goals.


Who We Are

We are the loved ones, the family, the friends, and the community that watched and guided Ryan through life. Though it was tragically cut short, his contagious smile continues to spur us forward and remind us that one single person can not only inspire others to do great things, but can inspire a movement. We honor him by reaching back to help the next generation climb high and achieve their dreams while being a positive influence and showing kindness to others along the way—just as Ryan did.

We remember Ryan. The way he lit up a room. The way he made us laugh. The way he noticed those who simply needed a friend. And while we are away from him for a season in this life, we take comfort in knowing that we will embrace him again.

In the meantime, his life moves on through each of us as we strive to be a blessing to others in our community, to support the next generation, and to watch others climb as high as they can in life.

Join the Cause

Have a heart for youth, a positive outlook, and the desire to make a difference? Join us as we grow this foundation, making a difference, one young person at a time.

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